Protek Group


ntering with innovative investments in 2019, the Protek Group continues to consistently grow in the consultancy, construction, mining, livestock farming, medical and energy industries in various markets of the world, particularly in Turkey.

What lies behind this achievement by Protek Group is a strong corporate business culture. Borusan is committed to passionately develop an innovative, distinctive and economical solution intended for customers in order to understand their needs. With no fear of risks, Protek Goup offers innovative products, services and business models which will shape the markets of its presence thanks to its to take fast and flexible actions.

In this framework,Protek Group unveils difference-creating works and projects with internal entrepreneurship, innovation, active competition strategy in international markets and with a mission to provide the maximum benefit to the society, economy and the environment.

Working for a Better Tomorrow

The Protek Group is of the belief that it has a mission to act as the pioneer in sustainability and environmental awareness in every industry it is engaged in. Aware of the fact that the planet's natural resources are finite, Protek Group intends to improve the living standard by using resources productively and without wasting the future.