rotek Group is multinational firm specialised in international business operations as well as companies’ internationalisation through network relations worldwide. This structure allows us to focus on projects with a GLOBAL DIMENSION, bringing our expertise, in order to assist, support and facilitate our customers´ international operations, by proposing solutions that help to reach their objectives and reduce uncertainty.

Protek Group started from both the personal and professional experience of different experts involved in the foreign trade sector as well as the internationalisation, responding to the target of offering a structure such as resources and operational support to the customers´ international actions.We have a professional structure focussed on international management and export. Our mission is to develop the international expansion of our customers by providing them with the knowledge and necessary tools for the process with the maximum guarantee.

We are a partnership with a sole objective: “Succeed in every step of the international process”.

Our Process for Inverstors

1. Idea

2. Planning

3. Development

4. Result